Zebra Finch New Parents

My Zebra Finches are proud new parents! I really have a lot time on my hands, because I can’t help but feel that I am the proud new parent myself. About mid July, the female Zebra Finch had laid one egg that was white. I got over excited and snapped some photos. Unfortunately, the next day, I found the egg broken. The female had pecked and destroyed the egg plausibly because the egg was not fertile since it was white; rather than light brown or tan in color as a fertile egg would be. However the reason, I was sad that the pair of new Zebra Finch parents had lost their first egg.

I then considered that maybe the egg broke because the birds did not have a nest that might have caused the instability. Therefore, I created a nest from an almond tin can with thin shreds of newspaper I had cut up. I placed some of the newspaper inside the can and some along the top and sides of the cage; not so much that the Zebra Finches would end up “sandwich” nesting. Sandwich nesting is when the birds would build another nest on top of the eggs. This time around, I decided to give the birds some privacy and only showed up to quickly change the drinking water and refill the seed bowl.

For days I did not see a single egg in the tin can nest. I was beginning to contemplate that the female Zebra Finch had given up laying eggs because the female didn’t feel the conditions were safe anymore. Nonetheless, when I planned on cleaning up the nest, I discovered a small egg, faint tan in color that was hiding behind the tin can with shreds of newspaper surrounding the tin can. The feeling I had was as though it was my first Easter egg hunt to be able to find this precious egg. In order to not alarm the birds, I coolly removed the tin can since the birds weren’t interested in nesting in there. I proceeded to clean out the tin can and replaced the tin can as a drinking vessel because the tin can was larger than the birds’ little water bowl; additionally, I wanted to give the birds some alone time.

The next day, I came back to refill the food bowl, and much to my astonishment, I was very happy to see another tiny egg next to the first one (similar in color). Since the two eggs the female Zebra Finch had laid, I have yet to see another; in which is a good enough start for new Zebra Finch parents.

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