I’m pregnant, will lack of sleep hurt my unborn baby ?

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I’m pregnant and don’t sleep. I was a bad sleeper before, but now I can go 3 nights with no sleep, then on 4th night I may sleep 2 hours, then no sleep, then a couple hours. Can this harm my unborn baby ??
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absolutly not i was excatly the same while i was pregnant, i also have had really bad sleeping problems before i got pregnant and during my pregnancy it got worse, after having the baby i slept slightly better again, just sleep when you can if you feel tired and are able to take a nap then do it, because pregnancy runs a real toll of ur body and even tho u don’t feel tired ur body does. Try something that will help you sleep 😉
Absolutely. As a mother to be, you should make all, any and every sacrifice to give your baby the best chance to be sound and healthy. That’s just for starters.then the real work begins.
It could, but I didn’t sleep very much either my son is very healthy he just has the same sleeping habits I do and THAT’S THE BAD THING! It’s not healthy for you, but for your unborn baby it’s soothing.When you walk around or awake the baby sleeps more, so you might not feel as many kicks as some people (sometimes, it’s a good thing cause those kicks to the ribs hurt).
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