Is it normal for women to shudder/tremble during sex or orgasm?

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If so, how would men react to it? I’d imagine they’d be scared like something’s wrong and in which case, if I were the woman, I’d be embarrassed as hell. Are guys aware that women even do this?
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It is normalThey are excited that they gave you that much pleasureThey are not scared they encourage you to release and peakI have never been embarrassed-why would good sex be an embarrassment, lolIf a man knows what he is doing then he has had the pleasure of sharing this intimate moment with a woman
It’s just my legs that seem to shutter or shake nervously for a while afterwards, not during.
sometimes it is just so powerful it happens and it is a good thing
I do all the time. Every guy knows what’s happening after the first time and most know even then unless they’re very inexperienced. If the guy does get concerned you can just say yes yes or something.
Yep, it’s normal. My girlfriend passes out. I guess that’s a good thing. is normal
Lets him know he’s rocked my world! No complaints here.
A little shaking or trembling is normal, wild erratic movements are probably her acting the way she thinks you want her to.
Completely normal and a turn on for most guys. Not embarrassing. Oh yea, are you telling us that with a name like Jessica you are not a women?
yes its normal everyone responds differently. yes guy are aware its an orgasm for crying out load. Everyone knows a womens orgasm is more powerful than a mans.or is it? hmm maybe ill ask that.
when I have an orgasm that is how my body reacts. not every time but some orgasms are better than others. I am married and it’s different every time.
Hmmm.. Can’t say I’ve ever shudder or trembled during sex or orgasm. But I think some women do.. I dunno
Are you kidding? I actually get goose bumps (on my legs!). I didn’t even know this until my husband told me. Needless to say, I cannot “fake” it. Most men probably don’t notice though because they are too involved in their own pleasure. Thank God my husband loves to please me!
Lots of women do. Never feel embarrassed about anything that happens to you naturally during sex. Any man with half a brain would just be happy to know you’re enjoying yourself.
Grow up ! How could anything feel so good without a reaction ! Some women even scream. Where have you been all your life. Besides, if you were any kind of man at all the more reaction you could get from your lover the more manly you would feel.
It can happen due to the muscle contractions. From my point of view as a guy I’d be extremely happy for you. Women can have very powerful orgasms, much better than the one a man has. For you to be able to experience is not something to be embarrassed about or even to hold back in any way. It should be enjoyable and a wonderful thing to share and experience with your partner.
Damn! That means I did my job well and she has had a foot-stompin’ orgasm. The only thing better would be to call in the paramedics to perform CPR!
Yes, some women do.It doesn’t bother me, it lets me know, I’ve done a good job.
Hi there,definitely normal. so no worries.
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