High triglycerides?

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I was diagnosed with high triglycerides, but normal cholestrol. Whats wrong with having high triglycerides? I was on medicine but quit it cuz I don’t know why I should worry about it.
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I have this exact same problem and have put it under control for several years now. DO NOT CONFUSE triglycerides with Cholesterol. After much research and personal trail and error, SUGAR AND HIGH CARBOHYDRATE FOODS cause high triglycerides. The medical industry, I have discovered, is terrible about getting this information to people.I am not recommending at Atkins-style diet by any stretch, but when I eat sugar, alcohol and high starch foods, my triglycerides skyrocket, when I don’t they are fine. I can eat normal red meats and other high fat items, as long as they are low in carbs. Go back to your dr and have a serious talk. If you get nowhere, find a good dietician and take what you eat seriuosly. In all seriousness, alot of alcohol is the worst thing you can do.stop eating sugars and simple carbs and you will be amazed. High triglycerides can be a risk factor for cholesterol and or heart disease. Were your lab tests FASTING? If so, then talk with your doc or a dietitian about your diet choices.. they make a huge impact on Triglycerides.
High triglycerides can cause serious heart problems. One thing you may want to check is that high trigs are an early symptom of diabetes. Ask your doc to run some blood work to check that, especially if you have a family history of diabetes. i was not only diagnosed with high triglycerides, it was abnormal at that. my physician inform me that it was genetic, plus due to i eat too much red meat and shrimp. i was a bad listener, then i decided to change doctor. a very nice one who explain it better. i used to have 875 and my doctor was interested in my family history and above all, my health. he prescribed me variety of pills and check me out every two to three months to see if im all right without any bad effects, until we got it right with a pills that helps it go down a lot called lopid (gemfibrozil-generic 600 mg), im still on that pills since they call it maintenance now these day. that was 10 years ago, i guess since that trig is so high, i turn out diabetic and suffer high blood pressure. but i know my triglyceride is still above 200 but at least its not that worst like the first one.so, you should check it with your doctor again, cause it does not matter if you have a normal cholesterol, that trig is the worst of them all. high trig will cause heart and arteries problem and it might or will put your health in danger. LISTEN FAT PEOPLE, LOOK AT THE LABELS IF YOU SEE SATURATED FAT DONT EAT IT!NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU CRAVE ITEAT SOME DAMN LETTUCE YOU NO SELF ESTEEM LOSERSHOW DARE YOU LET YOURSELF GET THAT FAT
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