What does your mental stability have to do with physical pain?

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I have been put on an antidepressant (as a chronic pain reliever) for my back pain. And I dont understand why. I have asked the doctors and still dont understand so if anyone could help.I would love to hear what you have to say. Thanks.
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I know that feeling body pain and being depressed go hand in hand, I was also on anti depressant for this, and it helps a lot When you are in chronic pain it can and does affect your mental state. Even with out you knowing it you can become depressed which will increase feeling the pain. I had a work related shoulder injury as a paramedic and i was also placed on anit depressant and i choose to stay on them after the injury was resolved. They can do wonders. Just be prepared for some people to associate this with a mental illness. there is no connection what so ever. this is just a why to help ourselves in a very busy, confusing world. bottom line try it it you don’t like how you feel tell your doctor you don’t like it and stop it cant hurt to try .
All this is natural to happen, as the brain is the master power in human body that controls each and every part of the body, thats why this is natural to suffer mental stress during physical pain. For your back pain problem i can help you through ayurvedic medicines with guranteed results, and no side effects.if you are in India.
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