Girls only please!!?

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Is it natural for your body to produce to much natural lubricant when you have sex for the first time?
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Hey girl sorry but thats hot!
Yes, totally.
Okay, you said girls only, but I have to put in my two cents here. There is no such thing as too much lubricant, ESPECIALLY the first time. Lubrication is really important for a girl’s comfort, and most couples simply forget about it in the heat and excitement of the moment. If you produce a lot of natural lubricant, consider yourself among the lucky few. Most girls could benefit a lot from extra lubricant, but hardly anybody realizes that until after the fact.Good luck!
Yes. This is totally normal.and very healthy for your body to do that.
You are fine. Yes, your body produces these little juices so that intercourse will not be painful for you or him. As you grow older sometimes these lubricants dry up sometimes, which is not good. Enjoy and don’t worry!
I don’t know if there is such a thing.
What may seem too much for you is normal.
There’s no such thing as too much!If you’re lucky you’ll produce like that every time, guys love it.
From a guy’s perspective: Slip and Slide GOOOOOOD!
your fine
no…. your super excited so thats why your so lubricated
there’s no such things as too much. everyone’s bodies produce different amounts. dont worry about just may be a very naturally lubricated person and thats a good thing because the artificial lubes burn a little and atleast you wont have to worry about using those
It doesn’t just have to be when it’s your first time .. Your body produces natural lubricant when you’re sexually stimulated. It’s your body’s way of making it comfortable for you by reducing friction. If it’s an abnormal amount, keep a washcloth nearby and enjoy yourself!
Nope, it just means you are really turned on. Sometimes it will run all the way down my leg to almost my ankle, I am so wet. My husband, told me that this makes him feel very turned on. So don’t be embarassed, just tell your guy that he makes you very wet, that will be a compliment.
lubricant during sex is very happens when you are aroused and also if you didn’t have the lubricant then sex would be very dry and painful
Perfectly natural. If you don’t produce “vaginal dryness” sex is very difficult and painful.
I don’t think it has to do with whether or not you have had sex or not. It has to do with you personally and how excited you are and how much you like the person you’re with.
yea.i think’s not lubricant actually…
absolutley,your fine
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