Cunnilingus . Is it Safe? My Gf Asked Me To Lick.?

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what exactly should I do? What Shoud I Do With its smell and taste?It’s not always easy to find sensitive part of a woman’s body, Where Is The clitoris? 😀 I Couldnt Find IT SOMETIMES! I Love Oral Sex! Please HELP ME!
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Dude.are you serious?? The clit is at the top of the vagina. You will see a small fleshy hood covering it. Just gently pull back the hood, and lick away.
First of all neither you or her should expect Oral Sex if you are not clean in that area. Watch a few movies you’ll learn what to do quick enough.
the other two gave you some good advice, just wanted to add if it smells foul there is one of two things going on either shes not bathing (wich a girl does not need to scrub just rinse with warm water) or she has a bacteiral infection (the bactieral infections are responsible for the fishy odor) this is a seriouse problem that she would need to see a doctor for. its not something to be embarassed about so if she has that problem just be up front and concerend. as far as what to do try talking to her she can give you a guided tour of her body.
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