Could they be a medical reason for this?

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with women the higher the bra size the lower the i.q.
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yeah, that’s because us big breasted gals are more prone to get what we want by using our sex rather than using our intelligence.oh, and zippy, i have a nice size 42DD. how’s that? so you’re saying, that’s gonna get me NO WHERE?? oh please!! Don’t start with me! I have a very high I.Q. and my bra size is high too. You are the one with the medical problem, the smaller the brain the smaller the …..
Only if the smaller the penis the smarter the man.I wear a 38DD and I have an IQ of 170. Disproves your theory, doesn’t it?
Only if the higher bra size came from a doctor’s office.
No you are just being predijust to people out there!
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