How long does it take to emotionally get over an abortion?

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I had an abortion almost a month ago and its still tearing me up inside. I know it was the best decision for my family but I can’t help mourning for the loss of my baby. I just had my 2nd child 5 months ago, and was put on a birth control made for breastfeeding. I wasn’t told to switch it when I stopped nursing. I also went in to have an IUD inserted and was told I needed a pap. I was asked if I was nursing and I said no, and then was asked what I was currently on, and told the doctor. Once again, I was NOT informed that this pill was ineffective when not nursing. Needless to say, while waiting to have my period so I could get the IUD, it never came. I know many people are anti-abortion, and please leave rude comments to yourself. This decision was so hard to make, and it wasn’t made lightly. It was done out of love for the 2 babies I have and financial reasons. I just wonder if anyone else has been in my shoes and how long it took to be ok with their decision.
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All of you people are absolutely pathetic. You should all be ashamed of yourself, tormenting this poor woman, calling her a murderer. You want a murderer? Go to your local prison with a cigarette rammed up your ***, and walk around publicly flaunting it – That’ll show you what a murderer is.She doesn’t have to explain herself to anyone. She asked a question. She wants an answer. She doesn’t need all you bible thumpers telling you what she did was wrong or right – The fact is it’s done, there isn’t anything you can do about it. Get over it.Just answer her damn question.Now, that my rant is over..It could take a life time for you to get over it. This was a child that was growing inside you, and it’s no longer there. I would’ve made the very same decision, however, I don’t know if I’d be too upset about it. My friend recently had a miscarriage and she seemed just fine, but to each their own.Find ways of coping with grief. If you want, you could make a small memorial site for your baby. Come up with a name you like, and build a small shrine in honor. Place the name somewhere, and if it helps, you could talk to your baby throughout the day, or when something happens you need to get off your chest. There are numerous ways to cope, and I hope you find something that allows you to grieve properly.Good luck. A lifetime.
Some murderers feel remorse for the rest of their lives. Homeopathy:-If you are talking about getting over the emotions after abortion IGNATIA 30 will help you overcome your emotional symptoms and if you are refering to the physical aspects ARNICA 200 will help you overcome the trauma and heal you quickly.Feel free to eamil me if you need any furthur help.Take Care and God Bless you !
Dont worry about other people. This could take a life time of healing. I dont think you ever get over something like this. But there are people who understand your pain so take one day at a time ,grieve for your baby , and let our collective prayers give you strength to deal with this. How was it the best decision.What you did was wrong you should ask God forgiveness and try to move on.You will never get over it. Many years from now you will ask yourself what would he or she have looked like at this age.You will count the birthdays.I suggest also you get counseling. You will never get over this. You’ll always have something missing inside of you that can never be filled. You may think it’s the best thing do to when you get an abortion, but you will later regret it. Abortion is wrong.
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