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I am very scared of pain and I honestly think I’m scared to lose my virginity. Does the first time really hurt that bad.WHAT SHOULD I DO??
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Yes it hurts but not like i just feel out of an 9 ft tree and broke my leg or something. It MAY feel a little pleasurable. Make SURE its with some one that U trust and use protection on matter what. If youre as scared as you say.DO NOT LOSE IT! once its gone. you can’t get it back. It doesn’t have a receipt on it. idk 4 differrent ppl it has a differrent pain but yea it will hurt a lil but DONT DO NE THING till ur ready
Relax and enjoy the experience with the person your with. i don’t really know cause i’m still a virgin to. And i am also scared to lose mine cause i hate pain. That’s why i don’t even use tampons cause i think it’s going to hurt. So i can relate to u.
listen, what matters most is losing your virginity to a man who loves you and who you love because no matter how painful it may be physically? the emotional and psychological pain of just giving it away will hurt 100 times more. Plain and simple. Don’t do it until you are ready to. The physical pain wont hurt as bad as the regret of doing it before you are ready. Take your time and when you are ready, you won’t be scared. 🙂
It’s a little bit painful, but it’s really not that bad. If it hurt THAT bad, I don’t think girls would be losing it so soon. If you’re scared to have sex, then don’t have sex. Not only is fear a sign of something you’re not ready or wanting to do, but that fear could cause your body to be under a lot of stress the first time you do it, making the experience more painful and miserable. Until you’re totally comfortable with your sexuality and with your partner and you’re ready and responsible enough to take that step, stay a virgin. It’s not a race to see who can lose their virginity the fastest. Whether it hurts the first time or not really depends on the woman, but I can almost guarantee that if you’re nervous to the point of fear during your first time, it will probably be very painful since your body will tense the vaginal muscles and stop the production of your natural lubricants, both of which are the most common causes of pain during sexual intercourse.
Hey, I know exactly what you mean. The truth, it does hurt a lot the first time. But don’t worry, around the third time, you’ll be okay and trust me, you will not regret it. Do nothing until you are very certain that you are ready to lose your virginity. Once it is gone, it will never be back. Know in advance that you will always remember the details of your first time and that whoever it is will be in your brain the entire rest of your life, no matter how the relationship turns out.
The pain varies from person to person. I suggest that you first of all don’t do this until you are sure you are ready and are in the context of a long-term, loving, supportive relationship. As for the rest of it, the more relaxed you are during sex, the more comfortable it will be. Your partner will have to understand this and be very gentle with you. Lots of foreplay should help relax you and signal your body that this is what is coming.I can’t stress this part enough – don’t rush to have sex. I can’t tell you how many woman have posted that they somehow regret their first time or wish they had waited.
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