Do girls also have some eagerness for sex?

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Do girls also have some eagerness for sex?
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I’m a freak
Depends.Some girls do.Everyone is different.Good luck!
Uh, girls think about sex more than guys.where have you been?
i do and im proud of it! but im only 14 so ive only had sex once. have a happy period!xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo!(i know your not a girl i just always put that).
I have it and want sex more than my boyfriend! He thinks just because we’ve been together for so long I should’nt want it so much, but damn, I want it all the time!
yes, my husband and i pray that we dont have girls cause if we do they are going to be wild
these kind of questions are really exhausting..why don’t you just take a guess or something.
For sure. But nothing kills the mood like an overly eager guy!
With the right person, yes. Yes. I sometimes do. I know, bad me.
get some rubbers and git to ti but wear a rubber! your to young fore a babby have fun hun
of course
yes some more then others its all based on how they are raised.
Yes of course’s natural
am a guy and am telling u yes affcourse, cause scientifcaly , girls get horny twice as much as guys cause guys got only one sex hormone which is testesterone and girls got 2 astrogen and progestirone. good luck
ya i guess but not as much as guys have a great day
Oh yeah!! It’s so hot too!
Yes, just not ALL the time like guys.
We are also human, us girls just don’t talk about it as much as men do, some of us like keeping it on a hush makes us look good (I THINK)
some yes oathers 2 much
yea they sure do, they get horny just like or even more than guys sometimes. they just aren’t as forward about it as us. it is the same for both usually, it just depends on the girl, wether they let you know it or not. so the answer is deffinantly yes, they get flat out horny just as bad as guys
Yes! Girls think about is about as much as men do, we just don’t say it to everyone we meet. The difference is men have the raging hormones as a teenager and for women. it is the crazy nail biting hormones when we get to be in the mid thirties to mid forties. By then we’ve developed a little finesse when approaching the issue.
Girls don’t but women do.
yeah, my gf is equal to me
Girls have a sex drive just like boys do. 0 Votes 0%
yes i know i am as eager 4 sex as much as guys
Are you kidding?You haven’t been on Q/A very long have you?You’re not having sex are you – you could be a child.nevermind
Indeed we do!
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