Is a circumcised penis healthier for the women????

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I read that being uncircumcised can increase a womans chance of getting cervical cancer and becoming infertile. I also read that women with circumcised lovers were 300% more likely to climax. Is it healthier and does it feel better. I thought since although this is a male question, its asking about womens health. So I put it in the womens health section. I don’t care about sensitivity loss I just want to know if I should have it done for the womens sake???????
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Of course a natural male is not a threat to a woman’s health. Every mammal on earth and in the sea (except bats) has evolved a retractile foreskin. The medical article below (from the Israel Medical Association) makes clear that the link between partner status and cervical cancer is debunked. In Finland where they do not circumcise, both cervical and penile cancer are as rare as in the US. As for HIV, mostly-cut US has a higher incidence of HIV transmission than mostly-intact Europe. 450,000 US men who were cut at birth have died of AIDS since 1980. Circumcision does not prevent AIDS. In fact, by rendering a man less sensitive, circumcision INCREASES the chance that a woman’s partner will refuse to wear a condom, INCREASING her risk for all STDs. -Ron
Yes it is because it is cleaner, you don’t have to worry what is hiding behind the folds
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