Tail bone discolored?

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I feel like I dislocated my tail bone while giving birth to my second baby. Do you go to a chiropractor for this? It has been a while since giving birth.
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lots of things get dislocated through childbirth..you should give yourself a couple of years for things to go back to normal.if you are in alot of pain then go and see a doctor and he will direct you.
Go to a Chiropractor he/she will xray and correct the problem , if you go to a doctor first you will get charged for both
You should go back to your physician. You could have a displaced tailbone. I would not recommend a chiropracter at this point. Let your doctor look into it and if he recommends a chiropractor then go. But I would ask your doctor to do any x-ray of your sacrum and coccyx bones to see if they are in position (those are the medical names for your tail bone).
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