What medical condition would cause a blood pressure reading of 110/100?

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What medical condition would cause a blood pressure reading of 110/100?
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The REALLY bad sign of that blood pressure is that the systolic (the high number) is so close to the diastolic (the low number). If that reading is correct, whoever has it should probably see a doctor right away! Here’s why:Normally, your veins are really flexible. They need to be, because your heart PUMPS, it doesn’t provide continuous pressure. So when the pump goes out, all the veins expand like a stretchy balloon so when your heart chamber is filling again the veins can shrink back to their normal size and keep the blood flowing. Lots of valves in your veins make sure the blood only goes in the right direction.That’s why there are two numbers for your blood pressure. One is the number when your heart is pumping and your veins are swollen, the other is the pressure your veins exert by themselves when they’re relaxing. Most people have a difference of around 40 points in those numbers.A very small difference can indicate that your veins aren’t being flexible at all, otherwise known as artheriosclerosis. Plaques and other gunk can build up and turn your stretchy balloons into solid straws. That makes such a person much more prone to heart difficulties, light headedness, and lots of other stuff nobody wants to have.The good news is that artheriosclerosis, if that’s what it is, can usually be reversed with the right kind of lifestyle. So have that person get some help, pronto, before something really bad happens! heart disease..high blood presure…stress
Well the top number is OK. The top number is the systolic function of the heart. This is the pressure when your heart is pumping. The bottom number is very high. This is the diastolic pressure. This is when you heart is resting between beats the pressure in you arteries is 100. This is proable a problem with congestion in your arteries for some reason or another. Your doctor may prescribe something that will dilate your arteries and possible a blood thinner.If you got this reading at home I would go to your doctor to have this verified.GO TO YOUR DOCTOR AND DISCUSS THIS!!!If this is a correct reading it is Hypertension (high BP) and needs attention!!!The bottom number being high is worse than the top numberAlso if you just got this reading one I would get another one taken. Sometimes there can be error
high blood pressure,see a doctor asap
hypertension caused by diabetes – see a doc. for some tests
That would be hypertension. A very serious and silent killing disease. If you constantly have a diastolic blood pressure that high for long periods of time…see a doctor right away…that 100 number you have there you want below 80 when resting.
Lack of faith in the LORD causes such things. Read your bible and all will be well!
i believe this is a form of high blood pressure. do you feel dizzy? is walking fast hard for you? see a doctor, stat.
Hypertensive High blood pressure. It depends on how long you maintain that pressure. IT IS VERY UNHEALTHY. Go to the emergency room now.
Normal is 120/80 depending on the age.. 110/100 is nothing to be too concerned about. Diastolic (?) is slightly high. If this pressure is consistent it may be worthwhile to have it checked out.
“The new guideline lowers normal to below 120/80 mm Hg, which was the old optimum level. A new category, called prehypertension, covers a systolic range of 120 to 139 mm Hg and diastolic range of 80 to 89 mm Hg. (Systolic pressure, the first number in your blood pressure reading, measures the pressure in your arteries when your heart beats. The second number, diastolic pressure, measures the pressure in your arteries between beats.) “The above is a copy from the source link. I would head to a doctor and mention bp during the time making the appointment. At one point mine was 158/90 – mine was due to stress. Could be a number of things if it were me I would head to a doctor.
It’s called essential hypertension. That’s a narrow pulse pressure. It may need you to adjust your diet and your lifestyle to decrease your salt, nicotiene and caffiene intake. It may also require a daily dose of antihypertensive medication. What it requres most is for you to visit your physician and together determine the best treatment for you.
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