Has any female experienced breast pain during their period?

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I am a teenager and I know the risk of breast cancer is very low, but sometimes I’d press down on my right breast and it hurts. I only notice the pain when I have my period. I heard from a friend that your breasts get tender or such when your period is around, is there a relationship between the two?
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Yes your breast are always tender around that time of the month nothing to worry about.
Yes definitely; your hormones cause this to happen. I get occasional pain on both sides and a general soreness or tenderness around my period. It’s nothing to worry about. But if you have a family history of breast cancer, just keep an eye on yourself, like I do. (My grandmother had it.) Do self-exams in the shower once a month. Hope this helps! 🙂
Yes, It may be fybroids (I think thats how you spell that). Very Painful. Maybe lessen your intake of caffeine
Your friend is right. When you’re on your period, your hormones fluctuate all around causing your breasts to be tender. Usually when someone has breast cancer there is no pain, just lumps.
breast tenderness is a common symptom many women have during their periods
yes. i have experienced it alot.. and at first i didnt kno what it was then i found out
It’s nothing to worry about. It’s normal to have some tenderness before and during your period. If your worried something else is wrong then i suggest that you see your doctor.
it is true that ur breast get tender when u have ur period so it could be from that..try to feel around for any lumps really carefully that seem unnormal when u dont have ur period.
It’s normal. Sometimes breast tissue swells during your cycle making them tender. Sometimes your nipples will ache as well. There is a definate relationship between the two.
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