Does anyone have any advise on how to relieve really bad menstrual cramps?

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I get crippling cramps every month and nothing seems to help… any advise?
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You won’t feel like it, but it will help (its worked on my last 3 girlfriends).When the cramps are bad, go and do a short workout. Jog for like 5 minutes to get your body warmed up, then come back in and stretch out your midsection. Do 3 minutes of trunk twists (spread your feet wide and rotate your shoulders as far as you can). Then do some ballet ” v’s ” – sit ups where your feet are off the floor. Do some reverse bends: put your hips on a chair, and lower the back of your shoulders down to the floor. Hold that there for like a minute, then do more twisting.You need to get motion into that area, it will break up the cramping. Its the exact opposite of an athletic cramp: there is too much blood in the area and not enough activity/movement.Again … you won’t feel like it … but if you do these stretches and twists, you’ll feel better … and you can do them endlessly during those days of the month – its not like you’ll wear anything out … and you’ll end up getting a slimmer waist.Good luck. If they are that bad, ask your doctor for a prescription pain killer, such as Percocet.
hey, mine r really bad too.i went to the doctor an dshe gave me ibobrufen 600mg and i also use a hot water bottle and plaec it on my stomach it helps alot also drink lots of warm things like tea, coffee, hot chocolate. it also depends on hoe old u r. ask ur doctor before taking any pills and be very carefulllllllll………………take care of ur self…
take like midol for cramps and then lay down with a heating pad…heat gets rid of them so after about 15-30 mins the cramps will either be gone or alomst gone
pain patches, cranberry pills, tyenol, lay down with a heating pad on your belly and put a pillow over it. Sounds stupid but exercise is supposed to help too. I like to soak in a tub
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