Emotional druing cycle?

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I been off cycle for like about a month a month in a half. At first I feared that I might be pregnant. I took a pregnancy test and it was negative and then about 4 days later my cycle came (finally). It was because I missed a few days of my BC pills so it totally messed me up. Anyway I don’t normally get so emotional and depressed during cycles, but I seem to be emotional and depressed during this one. Is it normal to feel this way during a cycle, I am normally not this way.
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Medical tests have proven there is no pharmaceutical as effective as exercise for depression.True – honestinvestigators found that physical activity was the more effective depression-fighter. British Journal of Sports Medicine April 2001;35:114-117
Yes it is normal it is called pms. A change in your hormone levels. Try taking an over the counter pill called Midol. it helps with all that stuff. Good luck
I sell a great natural essential oil blend called “Balancing” It is specifically formulated for use during high and chaotic hormonal cycles. Use it in baths or diffuse it in a Natura fan diffuser sold at my website. click on Aromatherapy and click on Diffusers
It is very normal to be emotional during the period, due to hormonal changes in the body.
Well, if you’re stressed, then it might explain why your period is off, which could also make you emotional and depressed.And yeah, I have some periods where I will cry at the drop of a hat (“Waaah! Poor hat! It fell!”) and others where I don’t even notice my period is due. Sometimes I REAL emotional during PMS.You might not have noticed it before, while on b.c. pills.
I totally agree with the last guy. it’s normal to be emotional. but exercise and especially stretching when you wake up and before you go to bed makes the muscles less achy. I would also reduce the about of sodium and caffeine and drink plenty of water.
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