Acidophilus: Really that Great? Pill or Food Form?

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I have heard that Acidophilus (like in yogurt) is good for digestive health as well as yeast infections, but can taking it in a pill form help as much as drinking acidophilus milk? or eating yogurt (which I hate)?
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I am a man, as my ID might suggest, but guys get yeast infections, too. When I had one, acidophilous pills help me a lot. My doctor recommended that I not consume milk or dairy products of any kind. american yogurt sucks, get some from Whole Food…yes, it works great…there is not enough in our milk or yogurt…so get some supplements..
I’ve tried acidophilus tablets (chewable, tasted like strawberry, not that bad!) for a while to help my degestive system. They work pretty well for most people. You can get the acidophilus from yogurt, acidophilus milk, or tablets. Check out your nearest drug store or health foods store to get some.The acidophilus won’t do anything for your yeast infections though, sorry. See your doctor for those!!Good luck!
Yup, it really does. Used to take them for yeast infections. Don’t get yeast infections much anymore, so I don’t take them anymore (I tend to eat yogurt anyway), but they did really work.
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