How FAR UP is the hymen?

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i need to know — in inches or cm, whateva… not how it looks like, only how FAR UP it is.
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if you’re asking this with the hope you can fool around a little and preserve your virginity it’s a bad idea, when a male gets that far he’s probably not stopping, make sure he has a condom on dear or you could end up pregnant, too answer your question it’s not very far up. ummm ask your doctor
hymen is covering part of your vulvacheck this to see picture be sure that hymen is not prove of virginity 😉
It’s not Far Up. It’s right at the beginning. Just pull your lips apart and there it is.
It’s low enough to be broken by normal physical activity like horseback riding, so it’s not very far up in my humble opinion.
its breaks so easy that it could of broken while horse ridding and doing sports but it is far its where your cervix is
this link should help
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