Why do girls get their period?

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Why do girls get their period?
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everymonth a women releases eggs from her ovaries into the uterus. a lining of blood and tissue form along the edges of the uterus. the egg sits in the uterus for 2 weeks. if the egg is not fertalizied by then, the lining is not needed, nor is the egg. so, the blood comes out from the vaginal opening and this is called menstrual flow. when the egg comes out, (yes it does, it comes out as a liquidy substance) it is called vaginal discharge. why we get our periods however i think is because women reproduce. in order to reproduce, their needs to be an egg present. in terms of getting pregnent, when there is an egg in a womens uterus, she is ‘fertile’ meaning she is able to get pregnant. this is why and who we get periods.
because there father said “You better be there, period!” when they were running late to the funeral
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