What do I do when I get my period during school?

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How do I change the pads? How do I make it so no-one sees the pads? I’m in middle school, by the way. I am 12 years old.
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Ok this is what you do: When you wake up in the morning put on a pad then wait till lunch time and then ask your teacher while every one is in the lunch room and then change it then, then wait when you get home. But if you dont do that then do this: Put on a pad in the morning and wait till you get home It will be ok then, but just to make sure your ok till then you have to get the large Maxi pads. ok? Hope you have good luck with the one you choose. I have this for a year now Oh and then when you had your period for a year now you then can use Tampax Pearls for when you want to go swimming and your on your period or you just want to put one on for school so you dont have to worry about it.XxDaniellexX
very simple don’t worry about it don’t tell any body about it just go into the bathroom and change ur pads. feel easy not to become nurvous . after using this simple method u will feel change in your self
You can carry pads in your purse. You should have a receptacle in the bathroom to dispose of your soiled napkin. Your school nurse should also have supplies. If you’re nervous about anyone knowing, ask to go during a class, or ask to go see the nurse. Explain the situation, and if their’s a bathroom in the nurse’s room, use that, or ask if you can use the office bathroom. There usually is one. If all else fails though, just try and be as normal as possible. No one will ever know unless you tell them. Don’t worry, I had to deal with all the same issues. Good Luck! 😀
There are 3 kinds of pads. “Always” has pads with wings where you peel the paper off the center so the adhesive can stick to your panties. Place it on your panties and then remove the paper on the right wing, fold it under the other side of your panties and repeat with the left. The left wing will over-lap the right. “Kotex” has wings also, but they have velcro on their wings, you do the same thing with those. The third kind is the kind of pads without wings where you just peel the paper off the adhesive and just put the pad on your panties. If you’re still not sure, ask the school nurse, she’ll be able to help you. Finally, I would suggest putting your pad(s) in a make-up bag (not a clear one!); I use a clinique purple kind and no one can ever tell! I hope this helps. You’ll do fine.
why are you embarrassed? u’re a girl,these things are natural…don’t be so self conscience
do u carry a purse? u could keep an extra pad in your purse. or if you dont jsut keep 1 in a bag in your locker, when u ask to use the bath room..go to your locker and bring the bag with you. also, at home take the wraper off so it wont be as lound in the bath room
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