Embarrassing question: is it normal to have vaginal pain when sneezing?

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Is it normal to feel pain in your vaginal/pelvis area when sneezing? It’s been going on for a few months now, but it’s almost become unbearable. The pain is very intense and usually lasts for a few minutes afterwards. I’m not sure if this is really a normal thing or not. Has anyone else experienced this?
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I have no’t had this put it sounds to me to see a doctor right away I bleave you have an infection of the blader and need medication. go see the doctor.this has never happened to me.
Try a smaller tampon or find a boyfriend who doesn’t have a 12 inch penis. My wife says it is not normal, and you need to get checked out ASAP!! You probably have some sort of vaginal infection.
oh wow, could ther be anything you did to it to cause it pain before and the pressure of sneezing is just irritating it? LIke rough sex, or a cut, or maybe you pulled some muscle when stretching or exercising, but if it has been going on for sometime I agree with everyone that you should get it checked out. getting rid of stubborn bully fat?i have never felt that except while being pregnant. I would def get it checked out i just asked my sister too and she has never felt it either! i would be concerned and go to a doctor but still it could be nothing
Hi, I’m a doctor. It is rare and could be nothing, but if you’ve been experiencing it lately and didn’t have it before, you probably need to make sure you don’t have a inguinal hernia. It is very uncommon in women (much more common in men). A inguinal hernia in men is a portion of the intestines that goes inside the scrotum (the bag that contains the testicles) and when the pressure inside the abdominal cavity suddenly increases -like in sneezing or coughing- it can potentially cause pain. The labia in women are the female counterpart of the scrotum, so that could explain the pain.If it happens every time you sneeze, then you probably need to be checked to look for a hernia, in which case it is nothing to worry about, but could be corrected surgically. If it happens every now and then probably you don’t need to bother. Any help write to me to [email protected] Even though im a guy, i seriously doubt that is normal. Please go see a doctor for your own safty
NOT NORMAL im not a woman or a doctor but consult your local obgyn clinic ive heard of simular cases but it was a cold systom related
There are a lot of things that could potentially be causing this and you need to get it checked out by a doctor ASAP. It might be nothing, but could be serious. A hernia, a cyst or fibroid, an infection of some sort, etc. Go get it checked out and be on the safe side. Absolutely not normal. As you sneeze your vagina pulls togetherbut that should be without pain.Go see a doctor, it seems like you’re getting cramps. That’s not right and should be investigated.
I’ve never experienced it. i would definitely talk to your doctor. it could be something far worse. check it out girl. naw — u need to go to the doc
Sneezing affects the same nerves as an orgasm, it’s 1/8 the intensity. If you’re nearing your period/are having PMS, it could just be sensitivity. you need to get check there no way you should be doing that mess
sometimes my ovaries hurt when i sneeze, is it like that? i have had over the years, cysts on my ovaries.you should get it checked out. i was put on birth control to stop the cysts from forming.good luck with that.
NO!! You really should go to a doctor and have that checked. It means “go to the doctor right freaking now!” Something is pulling or pushing inside you that shouldn’t be when you are sneezing. You could have any number of serious problems. Don’t mess around with this. Go to the doctor.It is NOT normal.
You better get that checked out. I’m pretty sure it’s NOT normal!! it means you will have a baby soon and it will bear three sixes on its head.
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