why are most women shaving most pubic hair?

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I am absolutely serious and my question does not wish to imply anything sexual. My question to women is: why are so many of you shaving all your vagina? If it’s for cleanliness, why didn’t women do it 20 years ago? I understand the bikini line but why the entire area? What is your personal reason for it?
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I do it just for the comfortable feeling, I started shaving at a young age because I never felt comfortable with all of the hair there.
Its easier and cleaner.
It had never occurred to me to do any kind of hair maintenance down there before….. but my first boyfriend after I got divorced asked if he could shave me. I said ‘sure’ why not? Well, that was five years ago and I’ve never gone back!It’s just feels so good to be all smooth and clean down there!nice nice!
Because they get more oral. Women like oral.
I do it simply because I don’t like the hair. I only like the hair on my head and arms, so anywhere else hair is supposed to be it’s not there. I’ve been this way since I was like 13 and started to grow the hair. I’m now 21 and probably will never stop. It’s uncomfortable to me.
I like it like that- its clean and fresh. And its a lot more sensual then if you have the hair. Why women didn’t do it 20 years ago-because there was no gillete venus invented then 🙂 It is a veeery sensual area and I don’t believe that women then had anything to help them achieve that.
Because when you don’t have hair down there, its alot more sensitive
Because I don’t like being hairy. Also any sort of sweat or smell sticks to hair, and if there’s no hair, there’s less of a chance for any smells.
maybe because they don’t want a guy to be discusted when they are getting ready to have and because maybe they think well everyone is talkin about how shavng most pubic hair is in these days so they follow the crowed.
I shave the bikini line area but the rest is trimmed, NOT shaved. I refuse to look like a pre-pubescent girl but I don’t want it too long either. I think it is mainly for sexual purposes.
because it looks unattractive i think– I dont shave all of it though cuz i cant get that far down without it hurtin
I dont think they are! I think bikini area only, otherwise its hard to maintain.
I remember since i was 12 i didnt like the look of it so i shaved it off i am not a hair person I am now 23 and guys just loved having a shaved, clean one.I feel cleaner myself also in the summer time its much easier no worries if anything is sticking outta your bathing suit(nothing worst then that around a hot guy lol) and for the 20 year ago thing hmmmmmm did guys do it that much back then or were they still thinking of themselves?
it gets a little bushy down there.. keeping it shaved is sexier. but grown it back is hell.. it itches lol
Women did shave more than 20 years ago – the bikini line as you put it. I believe it has changed because media films etc.(And please get our anatomy correct, the vagina is not visible it is on the inside of the body….sorry sound like a school teacher here check http://library.thinkquest.org/2935/Natures_Best/Nat_Best_High_Level/Page_Shells/Reproductive_Shell.html
If your question is serious, I’ll give you my take on it.In the 1920’s, there was a movie director named D.W. Griffith. He was not only a racist promoting the justification of segregation, but also a pedophile. During the filming of one of his movies, he noticed that some of the women in bathing suits had armpit hair. Being obsessed with prepubescent girls (with no body hair), Griffith had a hissy fit and demanded all the women shave everything. This created a sensation and a new fad for American women.Since then, American women have been shaving everything. If you’ve noticed, many cultures around the world are not obsessed with hair as much as we are. Many of these women do not shave their legs.I hope this answers your question.
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