Do you think 125 pounds is alot for a woman to weigh?

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I am a 26 year old mother to a 5 year old and i am five foot 4..Is that about the average weight?
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Oh, I wish that’s what I weighed. I have always been 140, 3 kids later I am holding steady at 160, I’ll trade you weights, Ha Ha Well, judging by my sister, you are heavier than her. She’s 27 yrs. old, 5″5 and 114 lbs., but keep in mind she’s never had a kid. Don’t sweat it.
you are a very normal size. don’t stress Not necessarily, depending on your bone structure. My wife is five-five; when we were married she weighed about 135 and looked GREAT, but she has big shoulders and hips.We went to Acapulco on our honeymoon and she came down with something Really Bad — worse than the usual Montezuma’s Revenge. She couldn’t keep anything down for weeks. Her weight dropped to 123 and she looked like a ZOMBIE. I’d rather have her ten pounds over than ten pounds under, but I’m not a fashion designer — I like women with curves. Makes ’em look grown-up. Yes it is very normal I am 25 I turn 26 in about a month and I too have a 5 year old, and like you I am 5’4″. I just lost weight last year and before I did I wanted to know what is normal for my height and here is the breakdown:small frame-115-135medium frame 120-140large frame 125-150apparently if you have a large frame you can carry more weight, but that is how it all breaks down you are doing fine don’t worry at all and if you are happy with how you look don’t worry about anyone else. toss the scale out the window.How do you feel? Do you get an hour+ of exercise each day? Do you eat well? Is your body fat % within reason? Do you sleep well? Do you smoke? Your weight is absolutely fine..but it is only a small part of your “health”.I know some extremely healthy women at 5’4″ who are closer to 140.solid solid athletes. And, I know some very unhealthy girls at 5’4 and 122 pounds or so.Talk to your doctor, examine your lifestyle, inventory how you “feel” to yourself.and go from there.
125 is healthy for the average woman of your height, but it really depends on your bone density, amount of muscle mass, genetics, etc. Don’t focus on the numbers on the scale too much. Look in the mirror and be your own judge. If you look thin and are leading a healthy lifestyle, then don’t worry about it. If you think you need to shed a few inches, then add some daily exercise and eat more healthily. what size clothes do you wear?
Oh! Yes that is very skinny for a mother too! In fact, that’s even skinny for anyone. I’m 18, and I’m 5’4 and I’m 123 pounds! Don’t worry about it, your still really skinny. i am 5’1″ and weigh 125 too, and according to weight charts i am still OK, on the higher end of it but still thereso Hun, you are greati have 2 kids ages 4 and 9
i would say that you are at a good weight for your height. YOUR GOOD!
omg u five four, weigh 125 pundsu like me only 14 years way..
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