please help???.

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me and my boy friend wants to have intercourse for the first time.i have been told that it pains a lot and it also bleed.i am scared.please suggest something so that i do not feel the pain and satisfy my boy friend’s needs properly.please help!
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tell him you’re not ready….if your scared and having second thoughts, you’re not ready!
Tell him to use a good condom.
Do you party? try it
Foreplay before doing THAT. use lubricants.and have protection.
Well don’t get drunk, because if it is your first time than you will want to remember it. My suggestion is to do 4play at first(kissing touching etc.) than tell him to gently ease his way in, tell him don’t rush. It might be painful at first but it is not at a pain that you can not tolerate, and don’t be embarrassed if you bleed that is normal. Take your time and be safe. P.S. ENJOY!! get hell drunk
I agree! GET DRUNK! You won’t remember a thing, and it’s allot less awkward.
its different for everyone.i didn’t hurt at all and we enjoyed it sure u both are at proper age and use some protection though.
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