Any recommendations from you ladies out there??

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So here’s the scoop. I’ve been on two different kinds of birth control in my injection called Lunelle, which was recalled a few years ago, and the birth control patch Ortho Evra, and i’m sure most people know about that by now. I got off birth control 3 years ago after deciding to have a child and now i’m thinking about going back on it. The problem is I don’t know which one I should consider being that I haven’t been on it in so long. What kind would you suggest or what works best for you? Any suggestions? Details would also be great..Thanks!
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Just stick with the one that you like the most and has better attributes that you like.
the only thing I can say is do not go on Depo Prevera causes significant weight gain and weak bones..It is terrible for your body..try the pill or go back on the ortha evra patch.if you liked it the first go around then you should do fine with it this time. if you are looking for something more permenant the minera(sp?) coil.and I have heard good things about nuvaring too.
Your best bet is to talk to your doctor about what you are looking for in birth control. There are so many options out there now, and many ways to take it. I can’t give a suggestion without knowing more about your situation, how your cycles are, when or if you plan on getting pregnant again and physical studies. Talk to your doctor and see what they recommend.
try a new kind if you want and make him wear a condom too
I have never been on birth control so i cant help you out on that one..i have never needed child and been with the same man for 18 years.but do what the cnp said to do that is the best advice you can get on here.
Do you have children? are you in a monogamous relationship?If so I would highly recommend Mirena.Lesser periods lesser cramps 20% of women dont get a period.Failure rate is 0.1% versus sterilization which is 0.5%The patch I hemorrhaged on it and spotted in between(not to mention got pregnant)Depo well I wont even go there stay away from it LOLNuva ring is like the pill Ive heard but dont have any personal experience with it.The pill is another one I highly recommend Its has a 5% failure rate but that’s taking into consideration women who dont take it properly etc. As long as you take it every day at the same time you should be good
I’m using Mirena IUD and I love it!
Well i have been on the patch and i did not like it i have sever pain around my ovaries and cramping, and i don’t have cramps not even for my monthly. And as for the shot i don’t personally agree with that because you have the chance of having your period the whole length of the three months i think it is or not having it and after having a child so recently your body has to recycle monthly. So i would suggest the ortho tri-cylen birth control pill. i was on it for about 3 years and got off to have my first kid. i hope i helped a little. good luck
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