What should i do to keep my vagina always smelling fresh?

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I know it shouldn’t really be so fragrant like perfume coz the natural aroma of it is what the guys want . Please share your secrets please on how you keep it fresh aside from taking a shower and washing it coz i’m very conscious of my genital area.
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Douching is actually bad for you. Your vagina naturally keeps a certain pH and douching can mess that up making you more prone to infection, it also kills good bacteria. eat less meat, less fat,and more fruit, and take a bath sometimes instead of a shower. additionally shaving or waxing can help reduce the smell. If it smells at all fishy you should go to an ob/gyn and get checked out to make sure you do not have a present infection
I always wear light day pantyliner and change them a couple time a day. They help keep my panties fresh and dry. I think that you must be taking great personal care of yourself just by the way that you seem to be so self conscious about your elegant vagina,keep refreshing yourself the way that you are and you will be just fine.
Is it that it’s smells funny? Maybe you have an infection! If not there are many products like feminine cloths, sprays & washes that you can use during the day. Summers Eve has some good products, they come in regular and sensative skin. bathing is about all you can do. Most women are very sensitive down there and douching can cause an imbalance that can give you BV Bacteria Vaginosis. Shower or bath twice a day will keep you fresh and always were cotton undies.this helps air flow through there and keeps you dry.Like you said, guys like the natural clean aroma.
Other than the life-threatening cervical cancer, there are other vaginal diseases that can endanger women’s sexual and reproductive health—candidiasis, trichomoniasis and bacterial vaginosis. Dr. Evelyn Palaypayon, current president of the Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society in the various vaginal infections are commonly characterized by heavy, milky, discolored and foul-smelling discharges; itching in the vagina; and a burning pain when urinating. Although these diseases are less risky, these may render women unable to conceive or give birth prematurely, or pass on the disease to their partners. Proper hygiene Palaypayon said to prevent such diseases women must practice proper personal hygiene. They must also make sure that the vulva is always dry as moisture encourages the growth of bacteria. Below are more feminine hygiene guidelines from Dr. Palaypayon: • When cleaning, gently wipe vagina from front to back. Don’t scrub. • Keep clean, but don’t clean the inside of your vagina with a douche. • Change panty liners frequently during the day. • Use cotton underpants. • If wearing thongs or t-back underwear, make sure that it is clean to avoid infection from the anal area. • Avoid wearing tight jeans, because this encourages moisture to occur. • Avoid shaving pubic hair. Hair keeps bacteria from coming into the hair follicles or into the vagina. • Always use condoms and foam during sex. • Wash using a feminine wash with natural ingredients. no idea. I remember it has something to do with your diet.
Diet. Vegiterians have been known to have better smelling (and tasting) vagina’s. However, it comes with the price of not getting enough iron or protien. Eating certain fruits can help as well, i think Its certain citrus fruits, like grapefruit or something. just general cleaning is the best and do not go overboard with that. No one likes the taste of soap. Try to drink a fair amount of fruit juice or take more than 500 mg of vitamin C a day. That keeps the urine and the vaginal mucosa slightly acidic which will cut down on the chance of any yeast infections. Try to avoid thong panties they tend to move germs from the anus to the vagina. Do not wear tight underwear while you sleep best to let everything air out at night. Source(s):RN
Cotton underware! If it ain’t cotton is getting rotten. I think you have deeper issues than you may be aware, or a medical condition that hasn’t been diagnosed. If you have hygiene issues you may want to take a class on curing those “not so fresh” moments !
douching is good.I always use FTD Sprays that are mild in fragrance you can get those at any store.I too am like you.I dont like to smell bad.I like to smell good.. 69-all the time. will keep you clean and happy.
this is a tough one for me as well. I have alot of sex, so I need it to stay fresh down there. I douche alot and I take a shwer sometime 3 times a daty. i work out alot to so I usually shower at the gym as well. I ahv used powder but the guys and girls always complain about the baby powder tatste when they are going down on me.Just try to stay clean and shower often
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