What can you take for bad cramps?

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I want to start on a heath product that would help with cramps, Cause lately.. I have been haveing estrogen serges and Im weak and sick and end up throwing up. I want something else that Isn’t as dangerious as tylanal or over the counter medication… Please Help me!!!! any hormon cream??
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I have severe cramps and I went to a health food and vitamin store and spoke with a customer service associate and she directed me to a pill called skullcap, which is an herbal supplement for PMS and it worked well. I also completely believe in another homeopathic medicine brand called Highlands. They make an array of different medicines for backache, baby teething, PMS……..and they are all awesome and 100% natural. Give these things a try and see if they help you out. Good luck. you can tak esodium, and water sodium helps in cramps, even potassium. try and find potassium rich food on the net! sodium is salt by the way.
You didn’t provide much information to go on. How old are you? Could you be pregnant? If you are younger, you probably aren’t having estrogen surges, but there could be other issues going on. Assuming however it is just bad cramps, try advil, it works better than tylenol. These are not dangerous providing they are used as they are meant to be. If every month you have issues, call your PCP for a check up and advice.
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