How do you know if you have a yeast infection?

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How do you know if you have a yeast infection?
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It could be a yeast infection and then it could be something else. You can try over the counter meds and if that doesn’t work, then go to your doctor or you could call and speak with the advice nurse at your doctors office if they have one.
i would go to the store and buy a kit just incase even if it isn’t a yeast infection it would not hurt to try to treat it.also holding your pee too long can casue burning
well when i had mine it hurt when i went pee and hurt when i had sex. you should go to the doctor.
Burning when peeing in the pee area may be a UTI. If the burning is closer to the vagina, it may be yeast. Check the answers (search for questions) regarding yeast for symptoms.If you have persistent yeast infections, check out the yeast link at Could be honeymoon cystitis. Some women get it after sex.
You may have a yeast infection . Not all present with the classic symptoms and it may worsen later. Either have it checked or treat with the over the counter products available. No harm done. Good luck. Have a great day.
Do you have a yellowy-green discharge on your underwear? That’s usually a good sign that you have a yeast infection. What you’re discribing sounds more like a bladder infection. If it keeps up for another couple of days, certainly go see a doctor.
When you are unsure of what is causing the symptons your best bet is to contact your doctor. Sometimes the symptoms of one problem will mimic the symptoms of another. Better to be safe than sorry.
You sound like you could of had a yeast infection. When you **** was it like cottage cheese? Also did you douche? If it persists get something for it or get your butt to the doctor
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