my wife all ways we res her slippers all the time is this nor male?

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but when she goes to someone elses house she takes her slippers with her to were she says its repect to other peoples property she wants me to do the any other women do this.
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Kinky but carpets would have respect for her.
i personally do not do that, but i do of people that do. i am sure that it is out of respect for other’s, but i think that a lot of it has to do with comfort. she could have worse quirks in life. don’t fret over taking slippers. if you don’t want to it, and don’t feel comfortable, then don’t take yours along. if people want you take off your shoes in thier house, then you need to respect that, and go stocking feet. Is this question in code or pidgin English ?
I’m sorry I don’t under st your que tion
I Wear slippers to friends house sometimes or to the store if i dont feel like getting all ready. but i wouldnt ask my boyfriend to do the same or call it respect. maybe its part of her culture or something. what ethnicity is she?
LMAO Are u a man or what… She wants u to do the same..Oh ffs put ure foot down.. Preferably on her slippered feet and say “oi shut it”… Be a man Lee and stand ure ground..
sounds a bit strange i dont take my slippers anywhere unless im off on my jollys, perhaps its just her thing we all have strange habits perhaps thats hers. I cant drink out of a mug that hasnt got a white inside ( i know bizzare) so maybe she just prefers to be in her slippers.
weird man slipper fetish
It does show respect but if people don;t mind I think you should wear your shoes.
Well, it’s better than wearing your shoes or going barefoot in someone else’s house. Also, if they have pets or aren’t the cleanest ppl in the world, you don’t want to be stepping in germs etc. I always wear slippers around the house. It just means your feet are cleaner than the average person in my opinion! If they are ratty and disgusting try buying her some new ones LOLPS – you are your own person, so whatever you think is right you should follow it, but I really don’t think she’s giving you bad advice. If you’re wearing socks at someone’s house that should be good enough. Some ppl are also snooty about having ppl walk barefoot on their carpets/floors.
yea theyre usually older women though like my mother in law! im bad though i dont even take my shoes off at others houses she is right.
Here in Thailand a lot of people(male & female) take their shoes off at work and wear slippers around the office. They also take their shoes of before entering homes and religious places. I’ve even been to places where they provide you with slippers to wear instead of just walking barefoot. It’s just a sign of respect, as shoes & feet are considered dirty. I don’t really see what your problem is… surely you can consider yourself a lucky man if this is the only thing that annoys you about your wife?!?
had a wee drink !!!tell her to go and boil here head
dude learn to spell and write first.
really a lot of people do this there are weirder things a woman can do
i do but men don’t its a woman’s thing tell her you are not doing it
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