can i have sex during pregnancy? is it completely safe?

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can i have sex during pregnancy? is it completely safe?
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My wife and I did with all four of our kids. There was no troubles with any of them. (except that little dent in each of their foreheads)
yes and i heard when you get close to giving birth,,,,that having sex and induce labor.
For the most part, yes. You still have to exercise (no pun intended) caution, though. Works best with woman on top.
Absolutely and your doctor will confirm that
Yes it is safe it wont harm baby and it should not induce pregnancy. NOW IF DOCTOR SAY NO SEX I WOULD FOLLOW HIS ADVICE.
YES an I can prove it to you if you like
yea no reason to worry
sure, but I wouldnt, well unless you want like triplets or something
If your pregnancy is Not High Risk, then yes it is safe to have sex all through your pregnancy.
yes u play sex in your pregnancy but u have do soft sex only no harder sex u have to ply till 8months of pregnancy only soft sexand tke positions like not hevy strokes on your stomach in this u have to sit on ur partner”s pinnies and slowly up&down this is good for pregnant
For stable pregnancy, most of the times is yes.However, for the best of your unborn child, it would preferably be no. Especially so when have an unstable pregnancy. Yes
oh ya, go ahead and enjoy it. cant hurt the pregnancy
Technically you can, but there ARE some risks. I don’t know them all.ask a doctor?
yes, you is very old midwife that i trained with once told a young woman who had not yet started to dialate or efface (terms that will become important in the labor room) to go doen and have wicked sex with her man in the back seat of the car.2 hours later she cam back up and in 30 minutes had her appears that semen has a chemincal (that I forgot) that helps stimulate the labor process.have fun.depending on how long you are may have to try different positions to get comfortable.anything is ok.remember, if your water breaks or you see some blood, call the doctor or go to the ER
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