I start to bloat about 2 weeks before my period. Any remedies?

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I can feel my cheeks, and chin being more rounded, my tummy seems to be pumped with air.My whole body feels like a ballon!
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There are some good over the counter products that help talk to your pharmist and stay away from salt it makes it worst.
Its hormonal. Estrogen fades as you get ready to start a period. Estrogen helps keep insulin under control. Insulin, thus, can go wild. The purpose of insulin is to open the “cell’s mouths” to let food and water in. Thus, right before your period, insulin is madly tucking food and water in cells, causing bloating and weight gain.The food insulin tucks in cells is blood glucose. If insulin tucks in too much glucose (a condition known as hyperinsulinemia), it can result in there being too little blood glucose in the blood stream for the rest of the body to use during the day (a condition known as hypoglycemia). If the brain senses a low blood sugar condition, it requests food, lots of it, high carb food like chocolate and potato chips and french fries and such. That is why you may binge before your period, especially on salty things that helps your body retain water.To find out whys and what to do, you may want to visit www.hufa.org Cut back on salty foods or those with artificial sweeteners. (Diet soda too.) Drink more water. And up the amount of calcium – eat some yogurt, drink a little more milk, or add a supplement. I read somewhere that calcuim eases PMS style symptoms and it works for me.
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