Ladies, do you support shaving pubic hair or not?

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Ladies, do you support shaving pubic hair or not?
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Shave it!
I wouldn’t say I “suppot” it, but I do it. Just be careful not to cut yourself.
I use Nair hair removal cream – not on the whole thing, but just to keep it shaped nicely. I also trim with scissors. I shave if I’m super short on time.
Yes! Shave it all the way or most of it
yes, too much hair down there is itchy
The hair is there for a reason, shaving or waxing to the skin leaves you open for infections. My husband likes a big hairy ****** anyway au natural as he says
I do not support shaving pubic har and do not practice it. I stay away from any thing that might make me think that maybe I ought to do it.
Yes – trim it! You will be glad you did! I feel cleaner, cooler and sexier! – not completely though – there is something odd about a man who likes it completely shaved like you are a little girl!
Nope. Go for a good wax instead.
Yes but it must be trimmed no
I shave. But do whatever feels comfortable for you. Trim or shave just as long as there no jungle down there your all good.
From a man’s point of view, if you want us to put our heads down there, AT LEAST trim it up! Every get a long curly in the back of your throat in mid-favor? Nothing sexier than having to reach down your throat with your index finger and try to scrape a gross, long pubic hair out of the back of your throat! Steal your boyfriend’s beard/mustache trimmer and set it to a #3 or #4 to start. I personally like it waxed or trimmed on my partner, and it has nothing to do with it wanting it to look like a little girl’s. It’s mostly ’cause I don’t like short, pokey hairs irritating my face or other parts. Plus when a woman waxes, it leaves it all nice and smooth and it feels good to touch! 😀 Source(s):Personal experience
yes i shave it is way too uncomfortable with all that hair there
Absolutly!Bald is beautiful!Besides – just from a hygenic point of view – bald is cleaner.I am not a huge fan of shaving however – waxing or some other method of hair removal is a much better idea for me. I use an epilady and am completly delighted with it.
Take it off!
if you want you partner to take a trip downtown, you’ll need to trim at the very least. use a weed-wacker..
Its personal hygiene. I dont trim it I shave it some times all of it but if your not use to shaving you might get itches for the first day or so. Its ok to be different I know most of the ladies in here have different types of pubic hair or none. I also shave it because I feel cleaner when I get my period if you have a bush chances are when you get your period you will have unpleasent blood all over them. Try it out go outta of your way. Source(s):Personal Experience
No way! God gave you that for a reason, besides I am a grown woman and I don’t want to go back to being pre-teen!
Trim it up!!
If you want me to stand on a street corner and hold up a sign in support of vaginal shaving your out of luck!! I’d say it is up to you & whatever you prefer. I trim and shave but, agree that if my guy was attracted more to a bald vagina I’d be worried.Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Pandora
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