does temperature rise after ovulation? (read details)?

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I ovulated on 9/20/06 and now my temp is 99.0/99.1.Is that normal? does temperature increase after I ovulate? When will it go down?
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yes, temperature does rise after ovulation. it stays elevated until your next cycle starts. if you start your menses, then the temp drops, if you”re preggo, then it continues to stay elevated. good luck whichever way you want it to be.
Your temperature will take a hike at different intervals and will go down when you are at your lowest fertile point ( not neccessarily ) You are just more likely they say to be unfertile at the lower temp. FYI-To ensure fertilzation of the egg-(Old Wives Tale) – Lie on your back with your knees bent and place 2 pillows under your lower back and lie as far upside down as possible. Pelvis in the air! Feet on the floor/bed your choice. Good Luck :)
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