What should I use to be fresh and clean down there.?

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I don’t have sex or anything, it is just that I have never done anything to “freshen” up down there. I heard that douches are bad for you but I wanted something that could get rid of that smell after my period.
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Femfresh cleanser are good and dont irritate you and also lil-lets have a wash
wash and wash
have a shower and give those girl bits a really good wash with some nice- smelling soap….like frangipani
Know how to get the fishy smell off of fish … soak it in milk.
Many products are out there for this, but they are all a waste of your money and will not work. Sometimes they can even cause worse problems.Literature recommends washing with only plain water, but if you feel like you need some kind of cleanser, stick with plain Ivory soap. A soak in the tub – but be careful of soaps and bubblebath. These products can set you up for a bladder infection or yeast infection!
just wash yourself, never ever douche. drink plenty of water to clean out your system, that may help, but don’t try to cover it up with perfume of anything! yuck!!!
Just showee every day, that’s all. Once your period is gone you should’nt have any odor anyway. If you do, you might have some kind of infection.
wash with plain soap and water, dont use douches or soaps claiming to take away feminine odor, they dont work As for not having sex you should quit being a nun about it.
idk i love being clean!! and i douche and im fine but if you dont want to do that there is also feminine wash it smells really good!:) and theres always feminine cleaning cloths!!! when your on your period. and you can use them when your off!!! so thats about it SO STAY CLEAN!! ps. your boyfriend will love it!!! hehehehe
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