how do i stop farting i love beans?

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Why would you want to STOP?? I mean I eat beans and use Super-Blast in it so I can FART even more!!..If you want to fart like a cow just put Super-Blast in your beans!! That will do it!Super-Blast..!! WARNINGS!! Use only as directed..Will cause exteram farting ad wind burn you rump!! If you use Super-Blast and have gas for more than 6 hours see a Dr. or go to your ER as soon as you can !!Because if you don’t you could blow your rump off!! Super-Blast is not responsible for distroyed panties,, pants or diapers!! Remember USe ONLY AS DIRECTED!! and you heard ti here first from a REAL Nutcase!!””NUT’S””..PS ..did i win..did i win…did i win?? get some Beano!
I didnt think pretty girls like you ever farted…errr….I mean broke wind?
when my mom makes chilli she puts a dash of baking soda in it. seeing that she was feeding it to me my 2 brothers and my dad….. you could imagine how bad it would get after chilli night without her secret ingrediant
beans, beans the musical fruit the more u eat it the more u TOOT beans beans theyr good 4 day HEART the more u eat them the more u FART. Hense: DEAL WITH IT!!!*No attitude intended*
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