Has any of you really found the elusive G-spot?

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Where is it? Is it that ridged area (like the roof of the mouth). I push and push but it’s not like the stars just exploded. Or is it somewhere else.or are women overrating it? I mean, I’ve had shake-the-earth orgsms, but with intercourse, not manually.
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It is located on the top side of the vagina, about half way between the pubic bone and cervix, when a female is lying down on her back. When this spot is stroked, there is a sensation or urge to urinate, but if the stroking is continued during sexual arousal it can be sexually pleasurable for females (Shibley Hyde, J. and DeLamater, J.D., Understanding Human Sexuality, Eighth Edition (2003)) Source(s):http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G_spot
its an imaginary spot created by wome to keep men feeling inadequate still hunting for it
yes i have found it. i think its better with intercourse trust me. Source(s):myself and my boyfriend he knows just where it is and drives me crazy.
keep trying, even finding it can be fun, and when you do you will know what all the fuss is about.
It’s on the top inside the vagina haft way, you can feel it with your finger, it’s a sponge like texture.
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