where is a good place to buy bras?

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where is a good place to buy bras?
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I know its expensive but the best place is Victorias Secret not walmart or target. GO with victoria’s secret or Frederick’s like the others have mentioned.. they may be more expensive but its defiantely worth it in the long run.
I don’t know where you live but the garment district in downtown L.A. has great bras for a cheap price. Many of them are the exact same bras as those sold in Victoria’s Secret right before Victoria’s Secret has slapped their tags on the underwear.Target also has great bras.
draper. wal mart.pick me up on tha way i can help you pick them out
K-Mart or Wal-Mart for best value. Buy the Cross your heart for best support. k mart or Target I think.Or expensive ones from talbots. For some reason my wife thinks the expensive ones are better.If I were female, I wouldn’t wear them. A department store with a large selection and varied company’s.ask to try on varied sizes, measure under your breast and around your torso to get your correct measurements. You want the bra to fit snug but not to tight, you don’t want it to ride up in the back, if it dose than it’s to big. You might tray a smaller back size and a larder cup size. For example, If you are in a 36 C, try on a 34 D. try on a few different sizes until you get the right fit. Good luck 🙂 I am poor so go to Wal Mart which isn’t made for women with bigger breasts. VS isn’t either and highly expensive. I found that Frederick’s has a great selection for bigger sizes and they are actually pretty!! Also much cheaper than VS.
I like to go to Kohls, but if you have a few extra bucks and would like a nice really long-lasting one Victoria Secret is good. Victoria’s Secret
victorias secret or fredericks of hollywood Grocery store..
JC Penney’s usually has a sale going on, good selection as well as a certified bra fitter. victoria is played outi like Freddrickshttp://www.researchitforme.com is cool because they have a search bar where you just enter your size bra
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