is it possible for a woman to be horny 24-7??

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when i get my period all hell breaks loose! help! need cure!
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no because you go to sleep
yes, yes it is possible.
Its okay cause your body goes through periods of that. Esp. in your 20’s.
no you must sleep
most sluts are like that.
yea if she is a ***** Why?
I need to know if shes over the age of 18. If so, she needs to come over to my
my gf has the same issue.. and strangely enough i get really horny that week too. not that i am all that attracted to what is going on down there . its more like she is producing and extra large amount of faramones or something and to answer to your question. dont worry about it. you will find the right guy someday and then it will be a blessing.
I don’t see why not.
Very Normal. The cure is to get laid.
Do you really want this type of question posted like this? Ok, yes it is. It depends on age, sexual experience, and a few other factors. You said it happens at your state of menstration, thats because your hormone levels are very high during this time. Some women can only get pregnant unless they are menstrating. So it is very possible to be horny 24/7 and 365 for some women. There is also a psychological phenomenon, that you become addicted to sex, like a drug. But for cramps and other PMS symptoms can be relieved by sex or mastrabation. There is a book you can get that can answer this question better than me, it s called, My Body Myself. Buy your self a copy. You cant imagine how wonderful it is, its written so anyone can read it, not a bunch of medical stuff the average person cant understand. There may even be a section of it in the Web MD. Go there or buy the book for a better answer than what I can and Cant say here. God Bless and Good Luck. Source(s):Real life experience. When ever I was pregnant, I couldn’t stop myself, Sometimes I thought I was going crazy. I wanted my husband constantly. He liked it until I got too big. But I made him do it any way. Or I could not sleep. But after that who cares. I didnt care if I never had sex. So he liked me pregnant best of all. And I was catholic so touching myself was a very bad sin, so masturbation was not an option. Now I advise people who dont have mates, masturbation is the answer to a lot of questions.
Yes it is possible. when your period arrives your hormones are at it’s highest peak. Not all women experience arousal during their period either. I’ve heard that sex during your period is the most satisfying sex you can have. So you can either give in to your desires during your period or go crazy from being aroused.
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