Folic Acid Help?

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just woke up an realised i did not take one yesterday. is it ok to take 2 in 1 go????1’m 5wks preg
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It should tell you what to do on your medication insert. If it doesn’t I wouldn’t recommend taking two, with most medications you are not supposed to double up on a dose if you miss it. Missing one dose of something like folic acid definitely is not life threatening to you or your baby. Call your doctor, if in doubt.
missing one is ok some mums dont take any untill they know they are preg which can be after 5 weeks. you and baby will be fine
i would just take the one to be honest then carry on as usual.
i’ve taken 2 when i forgot,while i was pregnant,don’t do it often.
won’t hurt.
dont care take one everything is all right
Don’t worry about it ! DONT take two, folic acid is readily available in foods such as cereals and breads (it is beter from these sources anyway). My wife blames her morning sickness on folic acid ! I know it’s a good thing and important but if you have a good diet you may get enough anyway you know !? Good luck !
Take today’s dose, not the two together. Folic acid supplements are primarily taken to protect your baby against neural tube defects – the ideal time to take the supplements are from 12 weeks pre-pregnancy to 12 weeks gestation. You’re doing your baby a huge service by taking it, but the risks of overdose are not known in pregnancy. Why take any chances?The folic acid you are taking is just a supplement – folic acid is naturally occurring in foods such as peas, oranges, broccoli, spinach and wholewheat items. Don’t panic if you miss the odd day.Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy.
I would say dont take 2 today, just the one as normal. Missing one tablet is not a major catastrophe at this stage in your pregnancy.
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