Can a negative result turn positive after 1 day?

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I took a pregnancy test yesterday. It said negative within three to five minutes and I tossed it. When getting the garbage ready to take out, it fell out and I noticed there was a faint positive line in it. Does that mean a positive or is it a negative?
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After about ten minutes the test can give a false positive. This doesn’t mean you aren’t pregnant. if you have a very low HCG (pregnancy hormone) count (caused by testing too early in pregnancy), it might not show up in 3 minutes. Nor does it mean you are pregnant. it could be an evaporation line. Tests which have the + or – reading rather than the two lines are notorious for false positivesRetest, and if you still aren’t sure, check with your doctor.
If you were pregnant It would glow positive almost right away unless you are just barely pregnant and if that’s the case then take another test in two to three days.That test means negative for sure!
If it said negative at the time then it was negative, however if you want to be sure see your doctor or try another test.
This is very common the longer the test sits. The valid results are only provided in the time period that the tests tells you to read it. If the test was negative in that time period then your test was negative. If you are still not convinced you can see your doctor and request a blood test. This is by far the most accurate.
It’s negative.all tests will show a faint positive if read after the time limit. If you still wonder, wait a few days and take another.
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