Does getting a breast reduction reduce your chances of breast cancer?

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My doc found a possible lump and i go mon for a mamogram and i was wondering if i get the reduction that i needed if that would do away with any chance of breast cancer
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not really .. diet hydration and low stress help to keep your immune system from being compromised this eliminates or lowers greatly your risks. many cancer prevention diets are on the net try looking up phytochemicals and anti-oxidants with your search engine. good luck and peace out
I am a male so it may seem odd that I would answer this question but…I am also a nurse. The size of your breast has nothing to do with your chances of breast cancer. However, many times women with smaller breasts find it easier to detect lumps or abnormalities. I hope this helps you.
If you get your breast removed you significantly reduce your risk of breast cancer, but I don’t think if you just get the breat reduced it works. So, lots of people just get the breat removed and then get implants.
First things first, you must take care of the lump and make sure it’s nothing. Once that is finished, yes, getting a reduction would tend to lower your chances of developing something serious. Best of luck and try not to worry.
no. caffiene, alcohol, drugs(esp.tobacco), and disease contribute most to cancer.. breast size can cause chronic back pain, and ,of course, intermittnt outrageous reactions to foolish wolf calls.
Not necessarily.Cancer can attack anywhere, even in small-breasted women, and even in men. I’ve also heard of people developing lumps at their mastectomy sites.You might find this article to be of interest. It’s called “Education: Not Medication” and discusses many aspects of our life that factor into breast cancer and how to prevent it naturally.
Only if the bad cells happen to be in the area removed. But even then you still have the genetic coding to produce more cancer. I think you are jumping the gun, your probably fine. They often find things that “look” like cancer. The only thing a BR would do is reduce any back pain.
It dosnt reduce your chances if anything i would say it may increase your chance. I had a reduction yrs ago and i also felt a lump in my breast recently and also once before that. I got it checked and it was scar tissue which after the op makes your breast feel quite lumpy. Good on you for getting it checked and i know its easier said thatn done but try not to worry to much untill your get your results. Good luck and god bless
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