Does endometriosis cause weight gain?

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Im pretty active, but I was diagnosed last year and couldn’t take the “pill”. My activity hasnt changed, but I have gained about 15 punds, I was just wondering if that is why.
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I was diagnosed with endometriosis about 7 years ago and I have not gained much weight. I think I’ve gained about 4 pounds over the past 7 years. I have not been willing to try many of the treatments available but I have tried the patch and the pill and no major weight gain yet. I do however, experience weight loss during my cycle (because I get sick and can’t eat) of about 5-8 pounds monthly but I gain it back when my cycle ends.
Yes it can due to a build up of fluid around the endometrial cells. Its not uncommon to gain up to 5 kgs before and after treatment begins. Once treated succesfully it will settle down.
take olive leaf extract daily drink red raspberry and camomile teadouche with olive leaf in water avoid pets & animals & eating pig meatthis should help the endometriosis
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