How do you get a girl stuck on you (LADIES ONLY)?

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Whats up ladies, I think I have this horrible habit, i’m the type to as soon as a girl is ******* with me I start thinking about her all the time alone and I get obsessed and I want to tell them stuff like I want to be with them forever, I think i’ve gotten mixed up in the game as well as halfway wanting a relationship, so as soon as its done i’m the one still stuck and on her d*** when she’s moving on to the next, what are some things that absolutely get girls stuck, even attitudes and stuff. I guess they don’t like it when you care about them at all cuz thats when they come around acting a fuss about you. whats up?
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Tell them something pretty about their face. Trust me… it works.
you’ve just been with some weird chicks…
Be nice.Give compliments, kiss them, tell them your deepest secrets so that they think that you trust them and when they tell you something return the favor and don’t tell.Don’t treat them as just a booty call, treat them as if they were butterflies.Don’t try putting “moves” on her until she gives you a sign as kissing you softly on your neck because that is a sure sign that she wants some.She won’t do that until she trusts you and is serious about your relationship.She’ll love you as long as you are yourself and you treat her right.I’m a girl and i wish that a guy would treat me like that.I hope that whatever girl you like , likes you because of what i just told you because if you liked me and acted this way i would be stuck on you and i would definitely give you some if you know what i mean.;) How do you get a girl stuck on you? Try superglue.
start woo-ing them. the old fashion way..
You may be acting too carefully. Girls like bad boys, but still someone they can take home to mom and dad. You could play hard to get, or don’t call for a few days, and see if she’s really interested then cause then she may not see you as so overbearing.
roll in a tub of honey then jump on the nearest female – i think that may be your only chance
pour lots fo glue all over your body and just go for it??
oh you sweety the only problem with you is you have a heart fancy a date?
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