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My husband for the last week has had REALLY bad coughing fits. I know he has allergys but is it common to have really bad coughing fits where they keep him up at night? I have bought everything on the market for allergys and colds and nothing helps his cough. And he is to damn stubborn to go to the doc.. Any suggestions on meds or what I can do with his coughing fits? Thanks In Advance
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smoker – can be big signs – seek medical advice firstnon-smoker – could be reflux seek medical advice double check environment in bedroom or sleeping quarters for anything that could be an irritant may need to get some air purifiers for your home set out in various places – specifically bedroom doublecheck your home cleaners to be sure that they may not be the irritantsbest wishes!
Sounds like he may have walking pneumonia and if not checked it could become even more serious.
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