Is getting your period contagious?

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what i mean to say is if you have a sleepover at your friends house and shes on her period and you had it just two weeks before is it possible to get your period now?
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if it is your time to get it other than that getting your period is not contagious
no, hun. you should talk to your mom about this. 🙂
I never heard of that but If you live in a house full of women or your on a dance team or something else of this sort the more time you spend togeter, eventually all of you will get your periods around the same time.
no, but if women live together or work together , it is possible that their cycles will become the same. but if you had yours two weeks ago, you will not start. if you did, then you might have miscalculated the days.
Typically, no. But in rare cases, the woman’s menstrual cycle can start to fall on the same days as a friend or family member, if they spend much or all of their time with that woman. So my answer is yes, but it’s very unlikely. I hope I’ve helped.
I don’t know if contagious is the right word. I do know that in some studies that were done in college dormitories, girls that live together/spend a lot of time together tend to have their periods adjusted, to the point where they literally have the same cycle! they found that in some situations the hormone changes in one triggers the hormone changes in another.
hmmm. Contagious is the wrong word. But it is known that women that spend time together will all start having their periods at the same time. Women in an office or women of the same household may all have their periods at the same time.
No periods are not contagious. However your cycle can change without notice.
This is a great question! I have wondered this many times and I have heard two possibilities for why this phenomenon occurs: The first is, a woman’s own gravitational pull. Apparently some women have such a strong gravity around them that it will “pull” a period out for another woman. (This sounded weird to me too-I don’t really believe it!) The second explanation is a very old, primal instinct. Women compete for men, and this “group period” could be all the women competing for a man by proving their fertility. Does that make sense? It has happened to me several times so I know it does happen. There doesn’t even have to be a man involved though-it’s just an instinct that seems to kick in.
no its not
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