Should I Lose Weight?

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I am 15 years old and I’m 5’5″. I weigh about 125 lbs. Is that to much? Should I try to lose weight? I live a healthy, active lifestyle. I play lacrosse, dance, and things like that. Oh, I almost forgot. My butt is round. Not flat. Not flat at all. Is this a bad thing?
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are you crazy!? lol no you don’t need to lose weight, it sounds like because you are very active you have muscle that can very lean but make your weight a little higher. I wouldn’t lose any weight unless your dr tells you to. definitely not. First of all you just said you live a healthy and active lifestyle which is a key right there that you fit..other wise known as TONED AND SEXY. Second of all 125 pounds is tiny! And last but not least.. a round but! Damn, your lucky as hell. Round buts are beautiful and they look mighty fine in jeans. So..keep up the good habits woman!
for you height your weight is perfect Youre crazy! there’s nothing wrong with you. Its mainly muscle, right? And your butt is round..people pay top dollar for their butt to be round, and you got it naturally, thats good.
Girl. God loves YouBe happy with who you are.Look in the mirror and be happy with what you see. Men are pigs. Don’t ask a man .. men are walking hormones.If you REALLY want an honest answer go to the library or a website regarding health.You are who you are.that is good enough for me.If you told me you killed cats or did drugs that would be a different story.Love yourself. Nothing wrong with a round butt. Most guys find it more attractive. To work out if you need to loose weight calculate your BMI – if it’s beween 20 – 25 you’re fine.
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