i am much to young to have arthritis….right?

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i am 14 and have major hip issues…like when i sit down indian style my hips make a violent cracking sound and then like today they flared up and i can barely walk up the stairs…does anyone else have this problem?? i dont have arthritis do i??
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There is no age limit for arthritis
You could have ,arthritis, it knows no age.Get checked out and don’t set Indian style.
It sounds to me that maybe you should make an appointment with your doctor to have a bone density test maybe. If your bone make a sound of a violent cracking then have it checked it. It maybe osteoporasis which means that you don’t get enough calcium.
Granted most arthritis would seem to happen as you get older…but youngsters can also have it as well. I have had an issue with it since I was in my 20’s. Talk to an orthopedic doctor and get yourself diagnosed. You may just have popped your hip out of joint and this caused you the pain. But best be safe and get that taken a look at by a doctor that specializes in that area. Hope you feel better soon. You are not to young to have it. I have a friend who has arthritis in both of her hands and she has had it since before high school.
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