Hey um ladies i need some help.?

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I am 13 years old and i have ddd breast know about two days ago I had alot of pain and found a knot and know it is about the size of a dime I told my mom and she said that if it got any bigger that we would go to the gyn and see wat it is but my mom and grandma have fibrosis breast ( hope that is wat it is ) it could be passed down but am still very afraid pls help if u are a doctor or a gyn pls tell me how to aproach it without being scared thanks for listening .
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I had a small lump a few years ago and it turned out to be nothing, but I was really nervous until I found out. Go on and have it checked right away just so you know. Remember, your mom might be too scared herself, so be patient but persistent. I am so glad you are checking yourself. Early detection is the best way to stay healthy. If it does turn out to be something bothersome, let us know. the more support you have, the healthier you’ll be. It’s been scientifically tested, even!Good luck!
At your age breast cancer is highly, highly unlikely. Actually you are most likely too young for fibrocystic breasts too (these are bumps in the breasts that are not cancerous, can be painful, vary during the menstral cycle and run in families but are usually found in women over 30.) Your problem can be an enlarged lymph node. Since your breasts are large, you probably chaffe and sweat more in that area so it’s possible that there is a pimple or boil growing around your chest or under your arm. Boils and pimples are infections that sometimes can cause a lymph node to swell and become painful. The knot you are feeling can also be a boil or pimple, and since it has gotten large enough to cause you pain and fear, do ask your Mom again to take you to a doc to have it checked out. They can give you antibiotics if it is a boil. Good for you for noticing something was not right about your body and telling your Mom about it so you could get help!
Get it checked out asap. It could be nothing, but you never know.
Breast cancer, despite all the hullabaloo, is not the most likely cause of your lump. This is not to say you should not go to the doctor. all suspicious lumps in your breast should be checked out, and sooner rather than later. This will allow your doctor to cluck patronizingly at you and tell you it’s nothing. You:1) Are very young. The older you get the higher your odds of invasive breast cancer are.2) Have a family history of fibrocystic breasts.3) Have a painful lump that appeared suddenly.All of these things make me think you will be just fine.
at your age, your body is maturing, that might be a sign of starting your cycles, or growing pains; you were right to tell your Mom, and if you’re really worried , maybe you can talk to her again about going to the Dr.
My mother had fibrosistic breasts, i have them as well. They will tell you that they can drain them but it hurts extremely bad,and the liquid they take out looks like motor oil. It can be very uncomfortable at times then sometimes it will be fine. Just tell the doc what your feeling and they will give you choices and then you and your mom can decide the best treatment for you. You will be fine sweetie,you have your mom who has the same thing which will be alot of help for you since she already is educated in this area and what works for her will more then likely work for you as well.
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