does tubectomy add weight.?

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i am expecting my 2nd ist was a c-ection and this is also expected to be the same. i want to do tubectomy along with the operation.what are the negative effects of it on health. can i come back to shape after the operation.
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Teh tubectomy wil not affect how you can or can not lose weight. Many women find it harder to take weight off after being preg. This is initially due to some hormones that are released to make sure there is enough nourishment for both the baby and the mother. BUT this does taper off and women need to just work out to lose the weight. Often they are unaccustom to having to work out so much and for a longer period to lose the weight. Its a good time to get it done. By the way you do NOT have to have another c-section but you can if you choose. yes ,,, but it will take some time ,,, i had it done after my 3 child i was 180 now i am 140 it took me 2 years
Tubectomy in itself does not cause weight increase.But with a sense of reassurance of limiting successfully and permanently the family size and with a sense of well being appetite increases and eating may increase.Preventing is totally in your hands.
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